Florida Boy, 12, Shoots Brothers In Murder-Suicide One Day After Mom Pleaded For Help

Florida boy Kevin Pimentel, 12, shot and killed his 6-year-old brother in a murder-suicide just one day after his mother pleaded for help. Helen Campchiaro, the 38-year-old single mom of four from Hudson, Florida, set up a GoFundMe page on Tuesday asking for financial aid for her family because they needed to find a new place to live in two weeks.

in her request for funds, Helen Campochiaro said that she was left financially drained and injured after recently being involved in a car crash. On Wednesday evening, her son, Kevin Pimentel, shot and killed his 6-year-old brother, Brady Pimental, and wounded an older brother in the leg. The 12-year-old Florida boy then turned the gun on himself; his lifeless body was found inside the mobile home where the family lived. Campochiaro, who works two jobs, was not home at the time of the murder-suicide. Campochiaro is a seamstress and makes themed cupcakes, according to her Facebook page.

florida murder
Kevin Pimentel – Florida boy shoots and kill his 6-year-old brother, injures an older brother, in a Florida murder-suicide.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco had this to say to the media during a briefing about Kevin Pimental and the Florida murder-suicide, “The mother’s going through an absolute living hell right now.”

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Brady Pimentel – 6-year-old Florida murder-suicide victim.

Brady Pimentel was pronounced dead at the scene. Kevin Pimentel’s older brother, Trevor Pimentel, 16, is reportedly still receiving care for a gunshot wound to the leg in a local hospital. While the three brothers were home alone in the Sugar Lane Mobile Home Park north of Tampa, an argument over food reportedly took place. Pasco County law enforcement officers believe Kevin and Trevor Pimentel were cooking around 6 p.m. before the murder-suicide took place.

Tampa murder suicide
Trevor Pimentel suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in a murder-suicide at the hands of his brother, Kevin Pimentel.

The Pasco County Sheriff has not yet released any details from the Tampa murder-suicide. Sheriff Nocco said Helen Campochiaro does not yet know all the details regarding the shooting. Nocco added that his office has not yet informed the single mom about investigation results related to Kevin Pimentel’s motive or where the 12-year-old Florida boy got the gun.

“She can’t handle that right now. She emotionally and physically can’t handle that right now,” the sheriff said.

Local police officials said that there is currently no indication that either law enforcement officers or child protective services caseworkers have ever been called to the Campchiaro-Pimentel home in the past. An 18-year-old brother also lives at the home in the Sugar Lane Mobile Home Park but was not present at the time of the murder-suicide.

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