Man Has More Than 100 Flesh-Eating Maggots Removed From Nose, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

A 65-year-old Brazilian man recently suffered nose pain and bleeding for a full week before seeking medical attention. To make matters worse, two days prior to the doctor visit, he reportedly discovered worm-like creatures emerging from his nose. It was definitely time to further investigate the situation.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors discovered that the dull pain and foul smell he was complaining about was a result of maggots. When the man explained the type of problems he was having, doctors took a look at his naval cavity. With the use of a camera, they performed a nasal endoscopic examination and immediately discovered the cause of his discomfort.

There were more than 100 maggots lodged in his nasal cavity. Apparently, a maggot flew into the man’s nose and laid eggs. The pain he suffered was a result of the maggots eating away at the flesh inside his nasal cavity.

Warning: Video contains graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.

Doctors diagnosed the man with nasal myiasis. Luckily, the man decided to seek treatment because he could have suffered extensive damage over time. The outcome could have also been fatal if the maggots would have had enough time to continue eating away at his flesh.

Luckily, with the use of a local application of saline solution, doctors were able to remove the larvae. All of the painful symptoms resolved after four days. The man’s nasal passage is now clear.

Footage of the cringe-worthy maggot removal was uploaded to YouTube on March 26. Of course, the horrific video has garnered thousands of viewers simply because it’s a bit unbelievable. Needless to say, most viewers have found the footage quite disgusting. However, others who enjoy cringe-worthy clips find it extremely interesting. Many viewers have taken to Twitter with their opinion of the video.

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[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]

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