Pro-Choice Legislator Under Fire, Said Women Are ‘Totally Thrilled’ To Have Abortions

A New York legislator is under fire after making a comment that both pro-choice and pro-life supporters found offensive during a speech in support of bill AB 6221. The bill was designed to expand a woman’s right of access to late-term abortions. The bill was sponsored by Democrat legislator Deborah Glick, who spoke at the New York State Assembly in support of the abortion bill. However, many were concerned after Glick made startling comments about women that are “totally and completely thrilled” to be having abortions.

Glick has been a strong and outspoken supporter of a woman’s right to have an abortion if she so chooses. However, Glick’s most recent comments during a New York State Assembly session left even some pro-choice supporters shaking their heads. Glick was speaking out in support of bill AB 6221. The bill would give women the right to abortion for any reason up until 28 weeks, but also allows for women to gain access to late-term abortions, those after 28 weeks of gestation, when a physician deems it would “protect a woman’s life or health.” However, pro-life proponents note that “health” can include both physical or emotional well-being. Therefore, it will be easy for a physician to deem a late-term abortion beneficial to a woman’s emotional health if she does not want to have the child. Therefore, AB 6221 would pave the way for legal third-term abortions in New York state.

Legislator Glick says that abortion is a “fundamental right” of a woman and that those with “strong religious beliefs” should not be able to place their beliefs on those with “no religious beliefs.” Though many pro-choice advocates would agree with Glick’s assertion that abortion is an issue of religious values, not all agree with her assertion that “many, many women” are “totally and completely thrilled” to have had an abortion. Glick seems to dismiss the idea that any substantial amount of women regret their abortions, but instead asserts than many more women are thrilled with their decision to abort.

“The bottom line is, it’s a woman who will suffer consequences that impact her life in many ways. We’ve heard that there are people who have regretted an abortion. There are some. But there are many, many women who are totally and completely thrilled that they had the opportunity to control their lives and what their future would be.”

What do you think about Glick’s comments that there are enough women “thrilled” about their abortions that outweigh any regret a woman may feel?

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