Was The ‘Abduction’ A Hoax? Denise Huskins’ Boyfriend Waited Hours To Alert Vallejo Police

After an intense chase and investigation, the Vallejo police force concluded that the kidnapping of 29-year-old Denise Huskins is just a hoax.

At around 2 p.m. on Monday, Quinn called the police to report his girlfriend’s abduction. He reported that Huskins was forcibly taken from his San Francisco Bay Area residence in the early hours of Monday morning and that the kidnappers were demanding an $8,500 ransom.

On the same day, the San Francisco Chronicle received an e-mail message with a link to an audio clip. The sound file contained a voice message from a woman who identified herself as the victim.

“My name is Denise Huskins. I am kidnapped, otherwise I’m fine. Earlier today there was a plane crash in Alps and 158 people died. And one thing that people know about me is that I went to my first concert, me and my mom, to Blink 182.”

The Chronicle disclosed that the anonymous e-mail said that they will send a link to a location where she will be safely dropped off on Wednesday. The writer assured that she will be in good health and safe while she waits.

“Any advance on us or our associates will create a dangerous situation for Denise. Wait until she is recovered and then proceed how you will. We will be ready,” the kidnappers wrote.

Huskins’ disappearance was not taken lightly by the police. A search team of more than 75 people scoured San Francisco and the surrounding areas for any sign of the victim. They made use of dive teams, sonar equipment and other technology available but to no avail. No traces of her was found.

As promised by the kidnappers, Huskins was found safe and unharmed 400 miles from where she was last seen. All these events led the police to confirm their initial suspicion. Why did the victim’s boyfriend wait hours to report her abduction to alert the authorities?

“We know that the statement Mr. Quinn provided was such an unbelievable story we initially had a hard time believing it and, upon further investigation, were not able to substantiate any of the things he was saying,” said Vallejo police Lt. Kenny Park.

Both Quinn and Huskins have lawyered up and Quinn’s lawyer has spoken out against the hoax allegations saying that Quinn was drugged when Huskins was taken. The victim and her family are also refusing to give any statements regarding the case.

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