Dynel Lane Won’t Face Murder Charges After Fetal Abduction Ended In Baby’s Death

To the dismay of many, Dynel Lane will not face murder charges after she reportedly killed the fetus that she had cut from a pregnant woman’s womb. The Daily Camera reports that the Longmont fetal abduction case will make it to trial, but the charges that the accused attacker will face have not been released yet. A press conference is expected on Friday with more details about these latest developments in the case.

After Lane reportedly lured heavily pregnant Michelle Wilkins to a home under the guise of giving her baby clothes, she allegedly attacked her by beating and stabbing her. The specifics surrounding the violent attack that Wilkins survived have not ever been clarified in reports. However, it is known that she was violently beaten and stabbed into submission so that Dynel Lane could overpower her more easily. The New York Daily News reports that Lane removed the unborn child from Michelle’s abdomen using a kitchen knife and broken glass.

Dynel then reportedly went to a hospital and lied, claiming that she had suffered a miscarriage (to explain away the dead fetus she had in her possession). She must not have had a grasp on modern medical science to know that it would easily be figured out that she was not being honest. Authorities in Colorado believe that she may be suffering from a mental illness.

Angry members of the public have protested in Colorado, demanding that this woman be charged with murder. Meanwhile, the hashtag #DynelLane on Twitter and Facebook is rife with passionate discussion about the case. Indeed, the latest developments have sparked emotional comments about the laws in the state of Colorado.

Do you think Dynel Lane should have been charged with murder in the death of Michelle Wilkins’ unborn child? Keep in mind that Colorado’s laws are what they are to protect women’s bodies and ensure that abortions are legal, safe, and available — which is exactly why this case hit the bump in the road that it hit. That means there are political elements to this horrific case, unlike many other cases of fetal abduction.

While pro-life and pro-choice groups debate on whether or not Colorado’s laws failed Michelle Wilkins’ unborn child, it can be argued that justice will be served regardless of the charges given. Dynel Lane will face trial, and a jury of her peers — along with court officials — will ultimately decide her fate.

[Photo: Longmont Police mugshot/Dynel Lane]

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