Bomb Tears Through Pro-ISIS Magazine Headquarters, Causing Death, Destruction, And Injuries

The Istanbul headquarters of a pro-ISIS magazine, Adimlar, took a major hit Wednesday night when a bomb was allegedly planted and detonated in the pro-ISIS magazine’s office entrance.

“A bomb left at the magazine’s entrance door exploded when the door opened,” said a statement from Turkish police.

The entrance to the pro-ISIS magazine’s lobby wasn’t all that absorbed the blast, however.

According to CNN, the bomb exploded through the building causing major damage, as seen in the video below. It also killed one of the pro-ISIS magazine’s writers, and wounded its editor-in-chief as well as two others.

The pro-ISIS magazine is known for its anti-America, pro-terrorist views, even showcasing and praising known terrorists such as the Venezuelan, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as “Carlos the Jackal,” notes CNN.

Video of the explosion’s aftermath shows an unsurprisingly chaotic scene: exterior walls of the pro-ISIS magazine’s offices were blown out and debris littered the streets, damaging some vehicles nearby.

The International Business Times reports that the publishers of the pro-ISIS magazine, Adimlar, are strong backers of a militant Turkish organization called the Great Eastern Islamic Radiers’ Front, or IBDA-C, a group that envisions Turkey as a country administered and ruled by Islamic law.

So far, Turkish police don’t know who planted the bomb or why, and nobody has yet stepped up to say they’re responsible.

An unidentified staff member of the blown up pro-ISIS magazine seems pretty convinced he knows who is behind the blast and carnage, however, pulling no punches while accusing the United States and Israel’s respective intelligence agencies.

“We know this to be the work of CIA and Mossad. We know this is an intelligence operation,” the pro-ISIS magazine staffer told CNN.

Ali Osman Zor, the pro-ISIS magazine’s chief editor, lost his brother, Unsal Zor, in the blast, and was also wounded himself. Turkish news photographers reportedly captured pictures of the fiery, pro-ISIS editor, smoking a cigarette while “sitting singed and bruised.”

CNN interviewed the pro-ISIS, and now injured, Zor, back in October. The pro-ISIS editor, who identifies as an “Islamic revolutionary,” reportedly made clear why he is an avid ISIS supporter.

From Zor’s point of view, the brutal violence, torture, and tactics of ISIS are the fault of the West for all of their imperialistic meddling in the Middle East over the years. The pro-ISIS editor also faults the Kurds and Shiite Muslims for giving the Sunni Muslims a hard time.

“What about all the people killed by U.S. airstrikes?” the pro-ISIS magazine editor implored of CNN.

The bombing of his pro-ISIS headquarters, and killing of his brother, likely won’t make Zor any less pro-ISIS, but how it might affect the magazine’s voice remains to be seen.

[Image via Good Morning Turkey, video via YouTube]

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