Adanna Duru, Eliminated From American Idol, Thanks ‘The Voice’

Adanna Duru eliminated from American Idol

Adanna Duru was one of two contestants voted off American Idol by the viewers of the reality singing competition show, the Press Enterprise reported today. Duru, a student at the University of California, Riverside, and Maddie Walker received the fewest votes of all the contestants on American Idol. Two contestants were voted off because, during the previous week of American Idol, the judges had used the “save” to keep Qaasim Middleton in the competition.

“Judge Jennifer Lopez advised Duru that she needed to connect more with the emotion of the song. She and fellow judge Keith Urban both remarked that they couldn’t hear her with the lower parts at the beginning of the performance. Fans voted last week on the performances and the votes determined who would continue in the competition,” the Press Enterprise reported.

“We’re getting down to the wire on American Idol and, sadly, that means we’re losing some major talent every single week. One such example: Adanna Duru, who was eliminated on the Mar. 25 episode. Luckily, caught up with Adanna immediately following the episode and she revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY how she was feeling post-elimination, as well as the surprising way she prepared for the show,” Hollywood Life reported.

Adanna Duru and Maddie Walker were both eliminated from American Idol this past week due to fan votes. They placed in the bottom two among the 11 remaining contestants left on the show. But Duru revealed something interesting in her interview with Hollywood Life.

“I did The Voice when I was 15 and at that time I had no idea what I wanted to do,” Duru told Hollywood Life. “I was inexperienced in any of this so getting to show who I really am on American Idol… I’m happy I got to show America who I am.”

Duru additionally said she couldn’t see it coming, and was surprised that she was eliminated from American Idol.

If Adanna Duru has commercial success in the music business, most will attribute that to her appearance on American Idol, as opposed to her early start on The Voice. As revealed in this article on the Inquisitr, contestants who have won on American Idol have been far more successful than the winners from The Voice.

This may be the first known instance of a contestant to have tried out first for The Voice only to have made it into performing before national television on American Idol. There will no doubt be more contestants in the future to have tried out on one of them and succeed on the other.

[Picture of Adanna Duru from the Press Enterprise]