Darrick Guider, 39, Accused Of Raping, Impregnating 10-Year-Old: Is This Justice?

Darrick Guider, a 39-year-old Milwaukee man, could be spending the rest of his natural life behind bars if convicted of allegations that he raped and impregnated a 10-year-old girl.

The child reportedly moved in to the home where Guider lived in June, 2014. Shortly after doing so, she was laying on the bed one evening when Guider allegedly walked in and informed her “this is how you make money.”

He then proceeded to pin her down. Authorities say that she tried to catch the attention of others living in the home by screaming out, but Darrick Guider clamped his hand over her mouth and then proceeded to rape her.

The 10-year-old victim also told authorities that it wasn’t the only time Guider tried to rape her, though it was unclear if he had succeeded on the other occasions.

The young girl had professed on previous occasions that Guider tried “messing” with her, but the relative assumed she was lying.

Then, a visit to Mt. Sinai Hospital revealed the girl was pregnant with an expected due date of around “the end of May or the beginning of June,” according to a report from Fox 6 Now.

While there are few on Facebook arguing against the fact that, if guilty, Darrick Guider deserves a stiff punishment, some don’t believe 60 years goes far enough in attaining justice for the little girl, whose identity has been withheld for her own protection and privacy.

Some believe that the relative that would not believe her allegations enough to keep her away from Guider should be charged with a felony.

“The ‘family’ member that ignored her cries for help should get charges as well!!!….I’m seriously writing their courts, I want to demand she at least get child neglect, [sic]” wrote Dawn Cincotti-Posner.

“She should be charged as well!!! [sic]” added Fiona Dempsey. “I bet it was grandma that was a uncle and she didn’t want to believe her son was like that or some kind of dysfunctional/multi generational dysfunction — sick family. Poor poor child — all alone in a family or a situation like that.”

“If that person is not charged for child neglect they should be charged as a d**n accessory for ignoring that child when she was making the first complaint. This is disturbing, [sic]” concluded Rachel Renee Crawford.

Thus far, prosecutors appear to only be focused on Darrick Guider. It’s not known who will have custody of the girl and her child. What do you think about this case, readers? Is a 60-year sentence to the alleged perpetrator enough justice, or should additional charges be filed against the family member?

[Image via Fox 6 Now, linked above]

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