‘Meanest Man Alive’ Sends Only Joking Message In A Little Velvet Ring Box To His Girlfriend

Joke wedding proposal

If you’re a woman over the age of consent, the sight of a little velvet ring box speaks to you on so many levels. If you hate the idea of marriage, it would send a wave of fear through your body and hope he is only joking. If you’re waiting for your handsome prince, then a shudder of pure delight is likely to roll over you.

However, in either case, would you open the little velvet ring box if you came across it by accident? Deanna Calabria, 26, from New Jersey did exactly that. Calabria opened the box, hoping it was an engagement ring, only to find a note inside it saying “JK LOL” — or Just Kidding, laugh out loud.

Only joking Brandon Griffin, 25, who plays drums for the band Space Drugs had set a trap. He released the image on Reddit with the caption “I set a trap for my girlfriend in my sock drawer on laundry day, she fell for it.”

The post, which has over two million views as of this writing, has fueled a barrage of comments both for and against the action. The viewers have labelled only joking Griffin a “bad boy,” with comments from both men and women calling him the “meanest man on Earth,” reported Olivia Flemming for the Daily Mail.

“Not funny, just plain disrespectful and cruel. She does your laundry and you do that?” wrote one Reddit user.

“I don’t usually call people douche bags… but…(expletive),” wrote another.

Men are definitely hard creatures to read and it can be challenging to figure out when the man in your life is ready to take that next big step.

There are some distinct behaviors that appear in a man when he is letting go of his laddish days and is beginning to consider the idea of marriage. Out of the blue, your man might suggest sharing previously separate financial commitments or suggest you look at sharing the cost of something like a car or house. Or, he may suddenly decide to save money with no explanation.

These signs could be the the indicator that your man is ready to commit on a deeper level. You could assume at this point that your man is no longer only joking about marriage.

Only joking Griffin

Clearly our man, only joking Griffin, is not ready for marriage and is definitely not ready to have little Griffin’s running about. His girlfriend, Deanna, must have a good sense of humor as they were later posting photos showing everyone that all was well between her and Griffin.

[Images from /u/griffunk/Reddit]