Wisconsin Mother Asked To Leave Girl Scouts Over Evil and Satanic Life

Stacy Hintz has found herself championing a cause that never appealed to her…The Girls Scouts. The 28 year old mother of a nine year old daughter was removed from her position as assistant scout master when the troupe leader found out she helped her husband run a Gothic website called Wisconsin Sickness.

The website’s about section brings a the user on a journey through the minds of Wisconsin’s Gothic community.

The section says,

Whatever the reason, there is a deep and passionate psychosis that runs through the unstable synapses of those of us from Wisconsin, land of serial killers and cannibals.

And we’re proud of it.

Wisconsin Sickness, a Mental Shed project, is all about bringing the independent, underground Wisconsin scene together and spreading the sickness like a virus.

Hintz had to go on record saying that the site, while not appealing to everyone, does not promote “Zombie Porn”

On of the Troupe parent’s noticed the site on the list of Hintz’s business interests. Hintz says that no matter what she is into she should only be judged on her performance as a scout leader.

Tracy Wayson, spokesperson for the Southeast Wisconsin Girl Scout branch, had this to say to WDJT TV,

“We didn’t look into her performance at all…That was not the focus of our fact finding mission. What we really need to step in on is when those personal activities seep into their role as a Girl Scout volunteer, and in this case, that’s what happened.”

Last week, Wisconsin Sickness responded by saying,

“Wisconsin is responsible for two of the world’s most deranged killers and cannibals, driven by repression, intolerance and the sheltered inability to communicate or relate to others. Beer and football are acceptable but art and pursuit of enlightenment are not. Wisconsin Sickness does not represent an obsession with evil, but is instead a study – an exploration of the collective unconscious through art, film, music and other forms of expression.”

Do you think the Girl Scouts should be allowed to remove Stacy Hintz from her position for affiliation with this type of website?

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