PlayStation 4 Update 2.50 Live With Major Changes For Console And PS Vita

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The PlayStation 4 received its most significant update in a while Thursday morning. The 2.50 “Yukimura” update will allow players to resume playing games after putting their console in rest mode and comes with new accessibility options, new Trophy options, plus a number of social enhancements. These changes are so impactful that the PS Vita and PlayStation App for iOS and Android also received updates.

The headlining feature for the PS4 2.50 update, as leaked earlier, is the Suspend/Resume mode. This will allow users to put their console in rest mode while playing a game and immediately pick up where they left off when they turn the console back on.

Suspend/Resume mode will need to be enabled in the Rest mode settings before you can use it. It is the option called “Keep Application Suspended” option in the “Power Save Settings” > “Set Functions Available in Rest Mode” menu.

Suspend/Resume - PlayStation 4

Also, there may be some games that don’t support the feature. Sony hasn’t specified which ones don’t, however. I can’t suggest trying this with an online multiplayer game though.

Other new features include the ability to back-up and restore your PS4 hard drive to an external USB drive. While

PlayStation Trophy hounds have a number of new options available to them. They can now remove Trophies with zero percent completion, have the PS4 automatically take a screenshot of a game at the moment they earn a Trophy, share their Trophies to social media services, and sort their Trophies by Earned Date, Not Earned, and Grade.

The new accessibility options for the PS4 include the ability to change the button mapping for the DualShock 4 controller. There is also a text-to-speech option, zoom, enlarged text, bolder fonts, and higher contrast UI options as well.

PlayStation 4 - Button Assignments

The PS4 update comes with new friends options as well. You can now see what friends play your games on the detail page of each title. There’s also new ways to find friends through Facebook, the bundling of friend requests and real name requests, plus Sony cut out a couple of the steps required to setup a party.

This update also bumps the max frame rate for Remote Play to the PS Vita and Share Play with other PS4 owners to 60 frames per second (fps). Meanwhile, Dailymotion users can now upload their game clips directly to the service with the Share button and Sony is offering a way for sub-accounts to upgrade to a master account on the console.

PS Vita owners can now update the handheld to firmware 3.50 while the PlayStation App for iOS and Android is bumped to version 2.50. This adds support for the new accessibility options and Trophy options. It also allows the PS Vita to support the 60 fps remote play.

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