Iran Cutting Off Oil Supply From Britain and France

Iran’s Oil Ministry has confirmed that the Islamic Republic will suspend all sales of crude oil to British and French companies effective immediately. The move comes in retaliation for EU sanctions placed against Iran’s energy sector.

Alireza Nikzad, an energy ministry spokesman was quoted as saying,

“Exporting crude to British and French companies has been stopped … we will sell our oil to new customers.”

Iran has one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world, but concerns over their nuclear program have prompted Western countries to implement sanctions on Iran’s energy sector. The move will have more of an impact on Europe than it will on the United States. The US has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Doing business with Iran is a crime in America.

Iran has been accused by the West, primarily the US, Israel and The European Union of using their nuclear program to manufacture nuclear weapons. Iran contends that its uranium enrichment program is meant to produce electricity and medical needs for the country and is 100% peaceful.

President Obama has recently announced new sanctions aimed at crippling Iran’s energy sector in order to convince them that the world will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. Israel’s government has taken no options off the table, including military action, to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state.

The newest sanctions are also seen as being a last effort by the West to stop Israel from launching a preemptive strike in order to cripple Iran’s nuclear program. An Israeli strike could be a prelude to all out war between Israel, the US and Europe against Iran.

Do you think the current round of sanctions will stop Iran from developing the bomb?

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