Germanwings Airbus A320 Crash: The CERN LHC, NWO-Illuminati Connection, According To Conspiracy Theorists

Online conspiracy theory circles are abuzz with some very wild speculations about the cause of the Germanwings Airbus A320 crash following media reports that the restart of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been postponed indefinitely due to a short circuit in the electrical system of the LHC. After media reports that the pilot might have deliberately crashed the plane, the speculations took a bizarre twist away from theories claiming that the Airbus A320 was brought down by energy fields generated by an electrical fault in the LHC system in favor of NWO-Illuminati occult conspiracy theories.

According to some conspiracy theorists, the LHC malfunction generated an energy field that brought down the Germanwings Airbus A320 flying in the 125-mile “vicinity” of the LHC at the time.

Nature reports that a statement released on March 24 by CERN’s particle-physics lab in Geneva, where the LHC is housed, said that as engineers and scientists prepared to restart the LHC, a short circuit occurred in one of its magnetic circuits.

“An intermittent short circuit to ground in one of the machine’s magnet circuits was identified on 21 March and is under investigation.”

According to engineers at the center, the short circuit, which interrupted power supply to one of the accelerator’s main magnetic circuits, was probably caused by a piece of debris, a small metallic object, lodged in the LHC’s diode box. The metallic debris likely entered the diode box during work to upgrade the energy of the collider.

“It’s unavoidable to have small bits of metallic debris in the circuits,” a CERN spokesperson said.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that a malfunction event occurred on Tuesday, at the time of the crash, and that it was not coincidence that the crash and the LHC malfunction happened at the same time. They claimed that as the electric fault occurred, the LHC generated a mysterious energy field that interfered with the aircraft’s electronic system, causing it to crash.

Such speculation was heightened by reports in the media that an electrical or electronic system fault on the plane could have caused the tragic crash.

But as the Mirror points out, one weakness in the theory is that it is unlikely that the Germanwings Flight 9525 was the only passenger jet within 130 miles radius of the LHC. It is also unclear that the LHC generates “energy fields” that bring down passenger jets from a distance of more than 125 miles.

But that last objection is not a problem for conspiracy theorists, many of whom have built elaborate theories around a layman understanding of gravitational fields and space-time warp physics underlying the LHC experiments of “mad scientists” seeking to contact parallel universes via micro black hole shortcut routes.

Of course, if the LHC is able to generate exotic energy fields in its vicinity, then reaching out to pluck an Airbus from the skies, at a distance of 130 miles, would be a piece of cake. But as far as we know, the experiments have not even started.

Needless to say, skeptics have dismissed the LHC field theory of the Germanwings airbus crash as just another crazy theory from the lunatic fringe of the conspiracy theory community.

Yet, even the LHC field theory is boringly level-headed compared with some other theories making the rounds in conspiracy theory circles. Probably the most astounding theory emanating from the conspiracy theory community that has gained traction following reports that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane is one that arch-conspiracy theorist Susan Duclos identifies as the “Hudson ISIS Time River Theory.”

“The Hudson ISIS Time River Theory” somehow extrapolates a link between the latest Airbus A320 crash and the so-called “Miracle of the Hudson,” a reference to the January 15, 2009 US Airways Airbus 320 Flight 1549 that crashed into the Hudson River after reportedly colliding with geese soon after taking off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

“Here is what I do know! The relationship of the Airbus A320 and the Hudson River in Manhattan is no darn coincidence… It is no joke what is going on with Hudson Time River/Apollyon resurrection rituals. We have seen a number of homicidal sacrifices in the past 5 weeks related to it… I wish everyone would turn to the resurrected Christ Jesus so what they are secure eternally when they find themselves in the middle of a spiritual war that is beyond their comprehension.”

The “Hudson Time River Theory” posits a dark occult dimension to the LHC experiments. According to the theory, Airbus A320 went down right after crossing a paranormal Ley Line that connects ancient ritual sites — such as the Egyptian pyramids and the Stonehenge — being used to unleash dark supernatural forces.

“The number of the Airbus is quite odd, simply because that number ties it to a ritual; the ritual being the Solar Eclipse on March 20th 2015. So now there are two points of contact, CERN Ley Line, and the Solar Eclipse. Some people still think it is a coincidence or an accident. This is the day before their potential next phase of powering up at CERN. To harvest the energy needed, there are two things required blood sacrifice, and solar power. CERN now has the blood and are awaiting the sun spots to fully align with the earth below is a shot of the sun and the sun spots that are aligning and aligned already.”

Following news that the co-pilot might have deliberately crashed the Germanwings plane, many conspiracy theorists are subscribing to an NWO-Illuminati conspiracy theory that claims the crash was a “blood sacrifice” to “harvest energy need to power the LHC.”

In the mental universe of fringe theorists, a “blood sacrifice” theory is neater, tidier, and thus more convincing than the simple LHC electrical fault-energy field theory of the downing of the Germanwings Airbus.

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