Whitney Bischoff Stands By Bachelor Chris Soules, Saying ‘Eff The Judges’ After He Receives His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Scores

Make no mistake about it: They are a couple. Whitney Bischoff is standing by her man, taking the figurative gloves off because of the low scores Chris Soules received Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. To show her support, she sent an explicit text to her beloved Prince Farming, saying “Eff the Judges, you did a great job,” according to E! Online. A video link of the interview with Soules can be found here.

On Monday, Soules had less-than-stellar scores, receiving 20 out of a possible 40, according to Time.

He danced with his other Whitney, Witney Carson, the professional dancer with whom he’s paired, to Pitbull’s “Time of My Life.” He received constructive criticism from judge Len Goodman, who thought that his “jam got into a pickle” but noted that Chris did a pretty good job for someone without any dance experience. Carrie Ann Inaba encouraged Soules to focus on the details of the choreography. He also received criticism on his lack of timing and cha-cha technique, according to Reality TV Magazine.

When interviewed backstage by former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky of E! News, he wasn’t thrilled with his performance, being at the bottom of the leaderboard. But he wasn’t voted off. That honor was given to Red Foo, who had a higher score of 31 out of a possible 40.

Chris Soules disclosed Whitney Bischoff’s text to him, saying that, no matter how he does, she’s very supportive.

“She [Whitney Bischoff] is there for me.”

Soules indicated that Whitney sent the explicit text after he had danced, apparently to give him encouragement. He was pleased that his fiancée is there for him through thick and thin,

“She’s just going to be there for me tonight when I’m not the happiest I’ve been on the scoring. It’s nice to have her there for me and I know she’s proud of me either way.”

Despite his not being happy with his performance on Monday night on Dancing with the Stars, Chris Soules still prefers dancing to simultaneously dating dozens of women, stating, “I enjoy dancing much more than I do dating 30 women at time!”

In addition to telling Chris to disregard scores, Whitney Bischoff apparently sees a great dancer in her betrothed. According to Reality TV Magazine, she tweeted that Soules’ performance is amazing and “[t]he man’s hips don’t lie!”

Do you think that the judges were too harsh on Chris Soules? Do you think that his scores were fair?

Chris may no longer be satisfied with life on the farm in Iowa. Now that he’s in the spotlight, he apparently doesn’t want to give it up, and he may want to extend his so-called “15 minutes of fame.” According to an Inquisitr article, he may be gunning for a reality show about his life in Iowa, according to a source.

[Photo Courtesy Reality TV Magazine]