Sarah Jessica Parker Turns 50 In New York City, Goes On Family Outing [Photos]

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50 on Wednesday, March 25, and celebrated her special day with her children.

All throughout the day, Parker documented her birthday celebration on Instagram starting off with a homemade breakfast coupled by handwritten greetings from her five-year-old twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion. The celebrant captioned the photo, “My day so far: first this happened. Prepared and plated and table set by 2 pixies who make waking on this day ever more wonderful.”

sarah jessica parker breakfast

Later, Parker was spotted heading out of her home with 12-year-old son James and the twins. They ferried off to the Empire State Building, which the celebrant also chronicled on social media. First, Parker posted a photo from inside the elevator showing that they were on their way up to the viewing deck of the building.

sarah jessica parker elevator

sarah jessica parker chrysler building

As if telling a story, the actress shared another picture of the New York skyline saying, “Then this happened.” Finally, to cap off their visit to the iconic building, Parker posted a photo of her kissing her son with a heartwarming caption, “Then best of all, this. Who knows what the rest of the day holds… but who could ask for more?” She also expressed her gratitude to the staff of the Empire State Building for their hospitality.

sarah jessica parker kisses son

Parker’s birthday celebration did not end there, though. She was also spotted in a New York Rangers game with her son. Seated behind actor Tom Hanks and his son Chet Haze, the actress was rather distracted. She was engrossed in reading a book by Maggie Shipstead entitled Astonish Me.

On Twitter, the book’s author expressed her amusement saying, “Best hockey-watcher ever! 100% tickled.”

[Main image via Getty images, other images via sarahjessicaparker Instagaram]