Man Ticketed In Carpool Lane, Had ‘Most Interesting Man’ Cutout In Passenger Seat

“The Most Interesting Man in the World” is not a good accomplice to use for breaking carpool lane rules. The man ticketed will have to pay $124, but at least the cop gave him an A for creativity.

In one of the latest attempts to illegally drive in the carpool lane, a man used a cutout of Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man beer pitchman. According to CNN, the illusion came complete with a polo shirt, but it still didn’t fool the police.

The man was ticketed on I-5 in Fife, Washington, near Tacoma.

Trooper Guy Gill said to the Daily News, “The trooper immediately recognized it was a prop and not a passenger. As the trooper approached, the driver was actually laughing.”

State carpool lanes require at least two passengers per car, and all of the passengers must be real human beings. As Gill explained, the man’s attempt might have been futile from the beginning, simply because he chose such a high-profile face.

“He could have picked a less recognizable face to put on his prop. We see that a lot. Usually, it’s a sleeping bag. This was very creative.”

Less famous fake people have gotten further with law enforcement officials.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, another carpool lane violator attempted to do the same with a wooden dummy dressed in a grey sweatshirt. Strangely enough, the wooden dummy proved slightly more convincing than the Dos Equis cutout. The patrolman on duty pulled over the suspect. It only became apparent that the dummy wasn’t a real person when the officer started asking for its identification.

The man later reported that he had no intention of changing his carpool violating ways.

Another woman tried to carpool using a giant teddy bear in Portland Oregon. She also failed and received a $260 ticket.

Carpool lanes are provided as a way to decrease traffic congestion. But in areas like Los Angeles, where rush-hour traffic can be aggravating, there’s far more motivation to use dummies, mannequins, or, in this case, Dos Equis cutouts to move a little bit faster.

It’s not clear how often drivers attempt to cheat the carpool lanes, but when they do, they’ll hopefully leave the Most Interesting Man out of it, because he’s a target for getting ticketed.

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