Dartmouth College Fraternity Alpha Delta A Real Life ‘Animal House,’ Charged With Branding It’s New Members

Alpha Delta fraternity at Dartmouth College already had a reputation around campus as being an out-of-control fraternity house, but the boys who were part of that house supposedly decided to take their antics a bit further last Fall.

Fraternity members were accused of branding new members, while they were still on a suspension issued by the Dartmouth College administrators. College spokesman Justin Anderson has said that the details of the allegations against the Alpha Delta are unclear at this time. They are not sure how many members had been branded, how it happened or what they were branded with, but the college was happy to elaborate on all of the previous issues they have had with Alpha Delta.

In an article by NBC, it was stated that the Alpha Delta fraternity house was a partial inspiration for the college cult film Animal House. The boys are certainly displaying Animal House-like behaviors during their time in Alpha Delta. Fraternity members were already dealing with a current suspension stemming from accusations of underage drinking, prior hazing and having unregistered parties.

Now, Alpha Delta could face an even longer suspension, according to Dartmouth college. They released a statement on Wednesday about Alpha Delta saying, “The suspension will now be extended, and if the new allegations are proven, heavier sanctions may be imposed. That could include its removal from campus.”

According to the Huffington Post, Alpha Delta has been on suspension for a majority of the last three years, including the most recent suspension issued to the fraternity in October of last year. The college says that Alpha Delta was suspended for an unregistered party in March 2014, that had about 70 students in attendance, as well as a party in August 2014 that served rum, whiskey and other alcohol to the students without having a person designated as a bartender, or someone checking ID’s to make sure everyone was of the legal drinking age.

Alpha Delta is not the only fraternity to make the news recently. Penn Sate fraternity made headlines when members of Kappa Delta Rho were discovered posting extremely inappropriate pictures on the popular social media site Facebook. The Inquisitr previously reported that members of Kappa Delta Rho were posting nude photos of co-eds that had visited their house online for everyone to see. The pictures showed some girls that were drunk, incapacitated, strippers that were hired to perform at the fraternity, as well as sexual photographs of co-eds.

Dartmouth College is taking steps campus-wide to hopefully cut down on all the out-of-control activities taking place at the school. College President Phillip Hanlon, who is actually a former member of the Alpha Delta fraternity, announced a series of reforms to cut down the behavior that he believes are detrimental to the future of Dartmouth. The types of behavior he refers to include sexual assault, high-risk drinking, and the lack of inclusiveness he feels happen throughout the college campus. Some of Hanlon’s changes will include eliminating the probationary or pledging period for all student groups, a mandatory sexual violence prevention program, creating new residential communities for the students and banning all hard liquor on campus.

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