Take Note: It’s National Napping Day

The daylight saving change may have stolen an hour of our sleep, but fear not: Today is National Napping Day. Ready to rest?

National Napping Day: March 9, 2009

National Napping Day was started back in 1999. William Anthony, a professor at Boston University, decided with his wife that there were too many “health benefits” of napping to ignore, especially following the lost hour over the weekend.

“Everybody always says, ‘I don’t have time.’ But Da Vinci napped, Churchill napped, some of the most notable people in history napped. If they found time, we can,” Anthony once told USA Today.

Anthony, the self-proclaimed “Napmaster General,” has written two books on why we should all nap. He’s also the director of BU’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Fittingly, his official National Napping Day Web site is currently down — we assume the IT guy is catching a few Z’s.

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