Nail Art Or Nail Fail? It’s a Sticky Problem

Nail art is one of the ways ordinary people can feel creative and artsy. At least it’s supposed to be. Everyone has nails, everyone likes art. But if you don’t get it right, if you don’t absolutely nail it, can you call it art? Can you even appear in public wearing your “nail art”? It’s one thing to be Rihanna, Beyoncé, or Lily Allen, and have access to the best nail artists for stunning (and slightly over the top) results. It’s quite another thing to be all on your own.

Kristyn Filip, writing for The Gloss, thinks Allen might have gone too far this time.

Nail Art Is Lily Allen

“Unfortunately, that’s where the glamour ends and the crazy begins. I’m not totally opposed to a bit of 3D nail embellishment, but when you find yourself stacking pearls on top of gemstones on top of metallic studs, it might be time to put down the nail glue and back away slowly.”

Even those who admire Lily Allen’s wild nail art style don’t necessarily want to try it at home. There are so many things that can go wrong, and some of them are downright dangerous.

“Giving yourself a mani may seem harmless enough, but there are some key techniques that, if done incorrectly, can not only ruin your entire paint job, but can also risk your health (does clipping your cuticles ring a bell?).”

Pop Sugar‘s Christiana Molina spoke to Miss Pop to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and the worst fails of nail art treatments.

Some definite musts include a base coat so that the natural oils contained in your nail don’t interfere with the nail polish, and more importantly, clean tools to prevent contamination. Miss Pop also says you shouldn’t cut your cuticles unless you think looks are more important than safety.

“It’s a health risk because you’re basically giving yourself open cuts on your fingers, which have a huge potential for getting infected.”

But what if you can’t manage even the most basic of nail treatments on your own, and a professional nail artist is beyond your means?

Japanese video game company Sega has come up with a solution. They’ve created the Nail Puri (short for purintaa, meaning printer), using the same technology as the popular Purikura booths. Purikura customers can decorate their photos using a touch screen to add digital images before printing the completed work of art on sticky paper. The Nail Puri offers 1500 designs to choose from, and prints them on stickers to attach to each nail.

If your nails are going to be sticky from dribbled and misplaced nail polish, they might as well be sticky with well placed nail stickers!

[Image source The Gloss]

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