Gears of War 3 ‘Forces of Nature’ map pack coming in March

Epic Games has announced the fourth piece of downloadable content for Gears of War 3 today, a map pack dubbed ‘Forces of Nature’.

Gears of War 3‘s ‘Forces of Nature’ map pack will add in three brand new maps, Cove, Aftermath and Artillery, to the game’s roster. In addition to that, the map pack will bring back fan favorite maps Jacinto and Raven Down.

The theme of this map pack, Epic explains, is natural disasters. “Fog, snowstorms and tsunamis will make playing these maps quite an adventure,” the developer wrote in a post on their official website.

That’s not all you’ll be getting out of the Forces of Nature map pack, however. In addition to the maps, the DLC will also mark the return of the Guardian multiplayer mode, which has one player from each team designates as a “leader”. Should your team’s leader die, you and your crew lose the ability to respawn, so protecting your leader is the key to victory in this game mode.

In addition to that, you’ll have access to some special hidden weapons in the maps for use in the Horde and Beast modes, which Epic calls “Elemental Cleavers.” Epic didn’t go into much detail on just what the new weapons do, only explaining that each weapon has special properties.

Gears of War 3‘s Forces of Nature map pack will set you back 800 Microsoft Points when it launches on March 27. If you picked up the Season Pass, you’ll of course be getting this one for free.