Jessa Duggar Pregnant? Rumors Claim ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Is On Birth Control, Not Rushing To Have Kids

Jessa Duggar is not yet pregnant, and if the rumors surrounding the 19 Kids And Counting star are true, it may remain that way for at least a while longer.

Sources have indicated that Jessa has no plans to join her sister Jill in racing to get pregnant, but instead is taking a slow approach and possibly even violating a Duggar tradition.

Jessa and husband Ben Seewald have now been married more than five months with no pregnancy yet, an eternity for the fertile Duggar clan. The long wait, and Jessa’s silence on whether she is pregnant — or trying to get pregnant — has led to rampant speculation about when Jessa will give the Duggar family yet another baby.

Jessa herself has fueled some of this speculation, including a recent photo showing Ben with his hands over Jessa’s midsection, as if she were carrying a child.

Fans of the show saw as Jessa’s dad Jim Bob imparted a bit of wedding day advice to Jessa’s then-fiance.

“Ben, you’re a fine young man,” Jim Bob told him. “Starting Saturday when you get married: be fruitful and multiply.”

Mom Michelle Duggar shared the sentiment.

“As the Lord blesses them with children, Jessa would really desire to be at home with kids… so the majority of the cooking will probably be on her shoulders.”

But Jessa Duggar had a curious response to the idea of getting pregnant, saying, “I’ve gotta work on some of these skills.”

To some, this response seemed to bolster the theory that Jessa Duggar has no plans to get pregnant anytime soon. Back in February, a source told the Hollywood Gossip that Jessa was actually going on birth control, which went against the family tradition of letting God determine when and how often Duggar women would get pregnant.

“Jessa and Ben are definitely active in the bedroom, so it’s suspicious she hasn’t gotten pregnant,” the source said. “She wants to enjoy being a wife for a while.”

“She’s not like her siblings. She doesn’t feel any pressure to get pregnant.”

There are other clues that she’s putting off pregnancy. When Jessa has spoken about having kids, for example, she’s focused on the idea of adopting.

“Even before we were married, we wanted to adopt,” she said last year. “We hope to adopt a lot of kids. If God blesses us with biological kids of our own, it’s not going to quench our desire to adopt.”

While it remains to be seen when Jessa Duggar will get pregnant, her sister, Jill, is ready to pop. The elder Duggar sister hit her due date this week, but said she expects to go into the first week in April before giving birth.

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