Jessa Duggar Pregnant? Baby Rumors Continue To Fly As ’19 Kids’ Star Stays Mum

Is Jessa Duggar pregnant? This has been the going rumor for days now, ever since a curious photo of her and her husband, Ben Seewald, surfaced before the weekend. According to the International Business Times, the picture was posted online by a 19 Kids And Counting fan site. It showed Jessa and Ben posing for a photo with their hands in a heart shape over Jessa’s mid-section. Of course, this pose is commonly used for couples expecting a baby.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessa and Ben really want to adopt children. The two are very passionate about this, and have said that they’ve already checked into the adoption process.

“Even before we were married, we wanted to adopt. We hope to adopt a lot of kids. If God blesses us with biological kids of our own, it’s not going to quench our desire to adopt,” Jessa said last year.

If Jessa Duggar is pregnant, then her plans may change a little bit, but she and Ben Seewald would undoubtedly be happy. Almost all of the Duggar children believe that they are to get married, and have families — that’s a way of life for them, and for many other people. Since Jessa and Ben have been married for a few months now, baby news is highly anticipated.

According to OK! Magazine, the couple wants a large family, and have prayed for children. They have both said that they want to have “a lot of kids,” both biological and adopted.

Jessa Duggar hasn’t mentioned a thing about the mysterious maybe-baby photo. Her most recent post on Instagram was a wedding photo of herself and Ben Seewald tagged “so in love.” Despite several messages from fans on social media, the 19 Kids And Counting family has remained completely silent on the matter — mum, if you will. That doesn’t mean anything one way or another, but many seem to think that there’s going to be a big baby announcement on the current season of the show.

Don’t forget that Jessa’s sister Jill is expecting her first child any day now. Jill and her husband, Derrick Dillard, got pregnant very soon after tying the knot, so people have sort of just expected the same for Jessa. And it looks like that might happen for her too.

Do you think Jessa Duggar is pregnant?

[Photo courtesy of Jessa Seewald/Instagram]

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