Adrian Peterson Trade Rumors: Minnesota Vikings Address Rumors On Peterson Status

Adrian Peterson trade rumors took an interesting turn recently. Addressing the Peterson rumors, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer gave some definitive statements to ESPN about the relationship between the former NFL MVP and the franchise that has control of his contract. It might just put an end to a lot of the chatter taking place about Peterson wanting to play for another team during the 2015 NFL season.

"I'm not going to speculate on what he wants or doesn't want. Adrian's under contract for three more years with us and that's why you sign those contracts. That's why you get these big bonuses, you know? We have no plans to trade Adrian."
That's about as specific as a coach can get when it comes to addressing rumors, and it indicates that the team is ready to put Peterson on the field again. As previously reported on Inquisitr, the Dallas Cowboys seem to be one team that would really like to acquire a running back this offseason. The team lost DeMarco Murray to free agency when he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and that only created more trade rumors about how the Cowboys would love to acquire Peterson.

The Adrian Peterson trade rumors have been floating around since the middle of the 2014 NFL season. At the time, he was suspended without pay by the league when a charge of misdemeanor reckless assault was leveled against him. Since then, his future with the Vikings has been called into question, and it has remained unclear which team he will take the field for next. The latest report from ESPN seems to indicate that the Vikings are ready to put it all behind them and have Peterson as the primary running back for the team again. The reality is that this could also be a tactic that the franchise is using publicly.

Recently, USA Today revealed that Ben Dogra, the agent for Adrian Peterson, had turned down an invitation to meet with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman. It seemed to indicate unrest from one side of the equation and furthered rumors that the star running back wanted to play for a new team. Dogra would later confirm that report, and his answer increased the speculation that relations between Peterson and the Vikings had deteriorated even further.

Until the team actually starts having offseason practices, and the former MVP is seen in pads again for the Minnesota Vikings, the Adrian Peterson trade rumors are not going to go away. That's the case even if coach Mike Zimmer continues to state publicly (as he did) that Peterson isn't going to be traded.

[Image Source: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images]