‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Spoilers: A Time Jump, Answers About ‘A’ And More

The Pretty Little Liars season finale featured a moment that’s been teased for weeks (and even seasons) now: a big “A” reveal. But what does that mean for the girls moving forward? Can they ever get away from “A” (for, say, college?)

First, a quick recap of what happened in the PLL season finale. While being transported to prison, the girls found themselves taken by “A” and woke up in freaky versions of their own bedrooms in a dollhouse where Mona was also being kept – alive! Yes, Mona’s alive, but “A” had shaped her into his/her/its own twisted version of Alison, “A’s” “favorite,” and she only revealed that yes, she knows she’s Mona during the three minutes the power was down in the dollhouse. Spencer figured out the blocks in the playroom spelled out “Charles” and then devised a way to escape using “A’s” own game and rigging the “prom” decorations, but while the girls were running out, she stumbled upon home videos of Alison’s family. Hello, Charles. Watch that scene below.

Meanwhile, Alison, with nothing left to lose, told Spencer’s parents about “A” still being around and terrorizing their daughter and her friends, so they joined Toby, Caleb and Ezra in trying to track down the girls. By the time they had convinced Tanner that they had nothing to do with the girls’ escape, all the found upon tracing the van was “A’s” lair, with the girls in their creepy dollhouse on camera. As for the girls, they may have gotten outside by episode’s end, but they were fenced in somewhere in the middle of a forest.

So now fans know that Charles is “A,” but as showrunner Marlene King told Entertainment Weekly, “this is the person who stole the game from Mona,” so it is possible that there is an “Uber A” who hasn’t been identified yet.

The season finale also featured a very telling line from Mona that “‘A’ has a soul,” and King told E! News that’s her favorite line of the episode.

“Even how Mona calls ‘A,’ an ‘it,’ she’s stripped ‘A’ of any identity and then for her, the first person who calls ‘A’ ‘it,’ to say ”A’ has a soul’…”

King has teased that now it’s time to begin asking “why” Charles took over “A” from Mona, and that’s something that will be explored in 10 episodes in season 6, and for anyone hoping to spot clues in the finale, there’s one specific scene to rewatch.

“They call it in the vault room, but I call it ‘A’ soul room. When they’re in that room, there are a lot of clues in that room. I’m sure people will be screen-grabbing everything frame of that scene, and they should, by the way!”

E! News has also revealed that there is going to be a time jump in Pretty Little Liars season 6, and that time jump of four years means skipping the girls’ college years. However, that time jump won’t happen right away, as King has shared that there won’t be a jump between seasons.

“We will start next season right where we left off, with the girls trapped and they don’t get out immediately. Season six takes pace in a very condensed period of time.”

Pretty Little Liars will return to ABC Family this summer for its sixth season. Watch the video below for a few teases from King, including that there’s going to be another missing girl, Alison will get out of jail and more.

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