Eva Mendes: Jeans Uncomfortable, Denim Disgusting Diss Follows Sweat Pants Slam As Ryan Gosling Defends Her [Video]

Eva Mendes just finished slamming sweat pants as a fashion choice, and now she's busily dissing denim by proclaiming that jeans are uncomfortable. Her attire announcements are stirring up the Internet, and not everyone is a fan of her decision to become a one-woman Fashion Police, reported Yahoo Celebrity.

Mendes is so disgusted by denim that she contends jeans should be worn only on laundry day when there's absolutely nothing else to wear.

"I mean, I think jeans are really uncomfortable actually — aren't they? They're so restrictive! If you see me in jeans, it's probably because all my skirts are at the dry cleaners or just dirty."
Eva talked with Who What Wear about her views on her favorite fashions and style slams, but it was the category of jeans that she seemed to find particularly annoying.

"I always prefer a boyfriend jean, but I find those to be restrictive, too!" she revealed.

So, just what does Mendes wear instead of the traditional jeans when she's around the house? Eva prefers skirts.

"It's not unrealistic to see me in an outfit like this at home," she explained, gesturing to her skirt. "I'd wear this with a loose tee or a tank top."

In addition, Eva discussed how having a baby has changed her fashion values and lifestyle.

"I don't think it's affected anything actually! I feel like I've always been kind of rushed—I'm the girl who gets ready really, really quickly. It's not something I'm incredibly proud of! I wish I was really calm and poised and—for lack of a better word—zen, but I'm not! I just don't enjoy the getting ready process, although I do like the result."
When it comes to getting ready quickly, many women favor slipping into a pair of soft, comfy sweat pants. But Eva hates sweats as well, reported Hollywood Life.

Her announcement about her attitude toward that popular form of casual attire came during a discussion about how she and Ryan Gosling keep the flames alive in their relationship. Eva decided it was time to warn the women of the world that sweatpants are the leading cause of divorce.

"You can't do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!"
Oops. Twitter exploded with contentions that she was insensitive. So, Ryan attempted to come to her rescue by revealing just what he was wearing and insisting that Eva's statement was meant to be a joke.
"Obviously sweatpants thing was a joke. Wearing them now. That's right, tweeting in sweatpants. Rats! Said too much! You win again Twitter."
For advice on how to become a one-woman Fashion Police without attracting so much controversy, Eva may want to contact Kathy Griffin. As the Inquisitr reported, prior to her departure from the show after Giuliana Rancic's weed war controversy, Griffin offered up some advice on the best approach to fashion criticism.

What do you think of Eva Mendes' claim that jeans are uncomfortable? Do you agree? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]