Mom Pole Dances Child Attached: Ashley Wright Stands By Pole Dancing Routine On ‘Doctors’

Ashley Wright

In wake of a firestorm of a mom who pole dances with her child attached to her back prompted the “Attachment Parenting” advocate to defend her decision. Ashley Wright whose moniker is “The Pole Dancing Mom,” appeared on Doctors to lodge a defense of her right to rear her child as she sees fit and not be subject to shaming. To her, it’s a form of bonding and expression of a mother and her baby.

Who is the mom who pole dances with child? According to her personal site, Ms. Wright’s Way, Ashley is one tough and fearless woman who carves her own destiny and lives life “out loud.”

“I AM A Badass Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Attachment parenting, Pole dancing, Yogi Momma! And I inspire and empower women My WAY! Ms. Wrights Way.”

Previously, Inquisitr reported how the California mother of one daughter prompted a stirring debate over proper parenting issue. It all began when Wright posted a choreographed video in which she performs to the theme of Disney’s The Lion King. It’s a brilliant and demonstrates her artistry and interpretation of the song.

Not only that, she shows how dancing on a pole can help women lose their post-baby fat and reclaim their figures. But the most provocative part of the video is the mom dancing on the pole while her child is strapped to her back. That’s when the virtual brouhaha began among those that support the woman’s right to express herself and those who are strongly against the stunt. Ashley took to her blog and launched her defense.

Wright then appeared on a recent segment of Doctors to address the fallout from becoming the face of moms who pole dance with their children. She was pressed by one of the co-hosts on the message dancing on a pole sends to her daughter. Dr. Rachael Ross, whose style and mannerism has drawn comparisons to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, asked Wright would she be okay if her daughter becomes inspired by her routine and wants to be a stripper. Check out the video and exchange.

On her site, the outspoken activist attempted to tame her critics with a candid retort.

“Unfortunately, many did not receive nor have bared witness to this form of love and therefore only see what is they can connect with; shame.

“Shame of the human body. Shame of our innate sensuality. Discomfort with the deep connection that Shannon and I have; for they did not have. And fear of the inability to dictate to a child’s environment and upbringing with their misdirected perception of control coupled with perversion and destruction; limited by that
which is their enslaved mind.

“I do not expect everyone to understand me nor my ‘parenting style’ for progression is few for most. However, I will continue to share for those who seek the light that dwells within us.”

So, a mom pole dances with her child along for the ride. Is it an example of outlandish parenting or the example of a woman’s right to self-liberation?

[Photo credit: Ms. Wright’s Way]