Georgian Man Caught Smuggling Woman In A Suitcase Into Turkey

You have to give this woman credit for agility, as Turkish police found her curled up in a fetal position in a suitcase on the border between Georgia and Turkey.

The Turkish media reported on March 23 that two Georgians were detained at the border, after a man tried to smuggle the woman in a suitcase over the border into that country.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the story of a French pensioner, who tried a similar stunt with a woman in a suitcase, to smuggle his new and young Russian bride across the border between Belarus and Poland. In that case, it turned out to be an unnecessary risk, as under EU Schengen laws, the man could have simply taken his bride across the border comfortably in the train seat next to him.

Admittedly, however, the Frenchman did use a more spacious, and possibly more comfortable, suitcase for his young bride.

It is unsure whether the Georgian couple had seen the news of the Frenchman’s unsuccessful attempt, but if they had, they might not have even attempted the uncomfortable stunt.

The Hurriyet Daily News reports that the customs police on the Turkish border became suspicious with the behavior of the 25-year-old Georgian man, crossing at the Sarpi Border Crossing between Georgia and Turkey.

They decided it was prudent to force the man to open his luggage, only to discover the 22-year-old woman in a suitcase, looking rather bashful and curled, seemingly quite comfortably, in a fetal position.

It seems she was previously banned entry to Turkey due to a previous conviction and felt the only way to get into that country was to be smuggled as a woman in a suitcase. The whole episode was captured on video, which can be seen below.

The Daily Sabah notes that reportedly, customs police held both parties for a short time before deporting the pair. Whether the woman will once again attempt a border crossing, either as a woman in a suitcase or using other methods, is unknown. However, it does appear to be a trending crime these days.

[Image: Turkey and Georgia border crossing at Sarpi Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic BRUTE]

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