Two Elephants Saved A Truck From Overturning In Louisiana

Yes, you heard right, two elephants saved a truck from overturning when it got stuck in mud near the Powhatan exit on Interstate 49 in Louisiana. A third apparently stayed safely inside the truck.

It all happened on Tuesday when at 7:03 a.m., the 18-wheeler truck, which was actually transporting three of the mighty pachyderms from New Orleans to Dallas, Texas, decided to pull over on Interstate 49.

On pulling over, the truck apparently got stuck in the mud and was in danger of overturning, as it leaned dangerously towards the ditch.

The video included at the end of this article shows the driver coaxing one of the elephants out of the truck, while the other is already in place, standing with its head keeping the truck’s trailer standing firm.

ABC News quoted the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s office as saying when officers arrived on the scene they were amazed to find the elephants had saved the truck from overturning. Presumably, elephant No. 3 was still sitting pretty on the truck.

“When deputies arrived on scene, they were astounded to find two elephants keeping the 18-wheeler from overturning.”

Reportedly the elephants were on route to Frisco in Texas to appear in a circus, and in this case their training came in handy.

After the two elephants saved a truck from overturning, the Daily Mail reports that the wrecker service arrived on the scene, and they were able to free the truck so that the elephants could then relax and carry on with their journey.

Police said that no citations were issued in the incident, and apparently no one mentioned who actually owns the elephants who saved the truck from overturning or the 18-wheeler itself.

Talking of elephants, the Inquisitr reported a while back on the touching tale of a baby elephant called Omysha, who tumbled over at a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland. As everyone watching “oos and ahs,” two adult elephants immediately come running to rescue the cute little female, who is the youngest elephant in the zoo, and put her safely back on her feet.

[Images: Courtesy the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office]

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