Wyoming Helicopter Crash Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Injured

Two people are dead after a helicopter on a rescue mission crashed in remote northwest Wyoming.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a Teton County Search and Rescue crew member and a snowmobiler who was being rescued died in the crash Wednesday in the mountains about 50 miles northeast of Jackson.

“The worst thing that ever happened in 19 years is we broke a wrist. That was it,” Tim Ciocarlan, president of the Teton County rescue organization, told the Denver Post.

The rescuer killed was identified as 63-year-old Ray Shriver of Jackson. The snowmobiler, 53-year-old Steven Anderson, of Morris, Minn., also died.

Ciocarlan called Shriver his “hero” adding that Ray had lived in Jackson nearly 30 years and was one of the original founders of Teton County Search and Rescue, which consists of 35 volunteers and one paid director.

The pilot of the helicopter and another rescuer on board were also injured in the crash, but have since been treated and released from a Jackson hospital.

While the exact cause of the crash remains unknown at this time, early reports say the rear rotor on the helicopter may have failed during the aircraft’s attempt to land.

Ciocarlan said the search and research team takes great care in preparing for a mission, including a risk analysis that determines the best way of conducting a rescue and the dangers rescuers face.

“We can’t do everything and the fact the ship had a mechanical failure, who can see that coming?” Ciocarlan said.

A video with more information on the recent Wyoming helicopter crash can been seen at local News8’s website here.

via Denver Post

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