‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Suits Up, But Not For The Role You Might Think

'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Suits Up, But Not For The Role You Might Think

Stephen Amell, or the Arrow as his fans know him, is a very active celebrity. He spends most of his time with charity efforts. They include F#$# Cancer and his Sinceriously T-shirt campaign, which benefits Stand for the Silent and Paws & Stripes, an anti-bullying group and training group for military service dogs.

Apparently, Mr. Amell likes playing hero off-screen, as well as on-screen. He also makes the most TV show predictions and suggestions, as the Inquisitr has reported on. The Arrow star decided to do another good deed off set this week, but this time he was invited.

For those socially active on the likes of Facebook, a meme started moving around within the last week. Now, the nature of that meme has come to light.

According to Comicbook, it was a young Arrow fan’s mother that called in the emerald archer to attend a special occasion. Young Nataly D just turned 12, and her special day was Arrow themed. Determined to give her Arrow fan daughter the best Arrow-themed party possible, she decided to go straight to the source. She sent a detailed Facebook directly to Stephen Amell, requesting the Arrow’s presence at the party.

“My soon to be 12 year-old asked for an Arrow themed party. Since she’s such a great kid, she’ll be getting an Arrow themed party. Starting off with an awesome invitation.”

The invitation had gotten passed around Facebook, but many did not know what it was from, including this writer. It read much like the introduction to the CW show Arrow.

“My name is Nataly D.

After one year as an 11 year-old, I have come home with one goal – To be one year closer to being a teenager, but to do that I must first turn 12. To have the best sleepover ever, I must be someone else, I must be something else.”

Nataly D’s mother came through, and Mr. Amell, or rather the Arrow showed up. According to Cinema Blend, shooting for Arrow season 3 is quite time-consuming. However, unfortunately, the Arrow could make it in person. Though, he did send a video message for the birthday girl. Like any good mother in the digital age, she posted it on YouTube.

Besides telling them “You failed this city”, he regaled to his several 12 year-old screaming, adoring fans how his 12th birthday was wrestling themed. It is safe to say that if there is one star that will go above and beyond for his fans, Mr. Amell is the one.

[Image Via Nataly D’s Mother, Video Via Karla Cisneros YouTube]