‘Battle of Five Armies’ Kingdom Captured in LEGOs

By all accounts, The Battle of the Five Armies has been a huge success for director Peter Jackson, and is the third and final installment in The Hobbit film trilogy. Though critics have sometimes been hard on the film, citing an abundant use of computer-generated imagery, fans have responded to the film with much enthusiasm.

Some fans show their appreciation for The Battle of the Five Armies by dressing up and attending events like Hobbitcon, others build websites or blogs to pay tribute to the Tolkien tales, but not Michal Kazmierczak. He built the city of Erebor out of LEGOs.

According to the Escapist, Kazmierczak’s homage to the Dwarven city is constructed of more than 55,000 plastic LEGO building bricks. Erebor stands at more than five feet in height and captures remarkable subtleties of the climactic Battle of the Five Armies.

Kazmierczak built great detail into his LEGO Erebor. To either side of the entrance stands a large Dwarf statue, each weighing in at over 13 pounds. Armies of Orcs, elves, and dwarves fill the landscape portion of the Middle-earth battle scene as well as trees and other landscape intricacies.

Much like a scene directly from The Battle of Five Armies, Kazmerczak features a small cast of dwarves perched just above the entry to Erebor, along with a single hobbit, all of LEGOs.

The bulk of his creation is an exterior depiction, but he did build a limited interior of the art-piece as well, complete with columns, stairwells, and dwarf statuettes. The project took seven months to complete.

The Battle of Five Armies scene isn’t the first film Kazmierczak has captured in LEGOs. He has received attention for his LEGO builds of scenes from Star Wars, Avatar, and Indiana Jones as well.

Box Office Mojo estimates that The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has made more than $955 million worldwide since its December, 2014, theatrical release, and it has had solid DVD and Blu-ray sales since their release on March 24.

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