UFO Buzzes Sun In NASA Solar Images, Claims UFO Researcher Who Creates GIF Image Of ‘Object’

A prominent UFO researcher has once again found what he says is something strange in a series of NASA images from the Helioviewer image browser — an “object” of some kind that he says can be seen to travel at nearly unimaginable speeds. And has has the animated GIF to prove it.

The NASA Helioviewer is a publicly available collection of 15 years worth of solar images from the SOHO satellite — the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a satellite that pretty much does nothing but stare at the sun 24 hours a day, taking picture after picture.

And as often happens with images taken in space, UFO hunters locate numerous startling anomalies in the SOHO images. For example, on Christmas Eve last year the same, UFO blogger, Scott Waring of the popular site UFO Sightings Daily, spotted what he believed was a massive “UFO Mothership” emerging from the sun.

How a ship that would have to be approximately the size of the Earth itself could fly through the solar system unnoticed by the thousands of astronomers and satellites observing deep space on a constant basis — not to mention how any object could survive the intense heat of the sun at close range — was not entirely explained. Nonetheless, the solar images were striking.

The new images are less striking, but looked at the right way, do appear to show a disc-shaped “object” appearing at several spots at what must be only a few thousand miles from the solar surface. Check the above video, created by Waring using the Helioviewer software, to see the UFO near the sun.

Here is how Waring explained his latest find…

“This object is seen in 4 frames. Two close up and two far away. While looking at images of the sun I noticed that one object that looks like a disk, shoots off to a far distance and then shoots back to its original close position in just a matter of 10-15 minutes. For it to do that it would have to travel at incredible speed. I put the sequence into a gif so you can see just the object near the sun and how it shoots back and forth. The UFO appears at the 12 second mark.”

And here is the animated GIF that Waring created, showing the strange “object” more clearly.

Look to the left of the solar flares to see the alleged UFO.

Of course, in past instances of similar white dots appearing on NASA photos taken in space, photo experts have explained the phenomena as “hot pixels.” In other words, flecks of digital dust that could turn up in any image. Is that all these Helioviewer sun images are? Or is this an actual UFO — as in alien spacecraft?

[Image: David McNew/Getty Images]

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