Are Patrick Meagher & Stassi Schroeder Engaged? ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Is ‘Ready’

Patrick Meagher began dating Stassi Schroeder after the second season of Vanderpump Rules, and now, the reality star and fashion blogger is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

In a March 24 report by Bravo, details about Patrick Meagher were revealed. According to the report, Schroeder met Patrick Meagher on Twitter after listening to his Sirius XM radio show, Cocktails With Patrick. Shortly after meeting, Schroeder relocated to New York City to be with Patrick Meagher, and the pair remained there until the summer of last year, when they moved to Los Angeles, where Meagher began starring on Mad Dog Sports Radio’s The Wrap.

After their move, Schroeder, sans Patrick Meagher, returned to her role on Vanderpump Rules, but was only seen part-time because she no longer worked at SUR Lounge.

Although Schroeder wasn’t seen on the show full-time, she was certainly involved in the drama — especially when it came to the recently aired season three reunion. During the two-part special, Schroeder revealed she had once starred in an adult film, which was sent to a previous boyfriend, whose name was not mentioned. She then accused Scheana Marie of trying to leak the tape, but her co-star denied having done so, and the film never saw the light of day.

Following filming, Schroeder spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment, revealing she was ready to be engaged to Patrick Meagher after about a year and a half of dating.

“If tomorrow he proposed, I would be ready. We don’t feel the need to experience more of life. We’re settled. I don’t need to meet new people. I don’t need to go out. I don’t need to be wild. We’re at a point where we’re really comfortable with our lives and the way it is.”

Schroeder also revealed she and Patrick Meagher had already made plans for a family.

“We’ve decided in five years it would be a good time to have a baby.”

According to a report by Wetpaint Entertainment in February of last year, Schroeder was sure, even then, of her love for Patrick Meagher. Just months into the relationship, Schroeder confirmed she was “in love” with Patrick Meagher, and revealed her family was a fan of him, as well.

“I’m in love. I’m really happy… He’s met my mom, my sister, and my brother — they adore him. My sister hates every single person that I date, so this is a huge deal that she loves [Patrick Meagher].”

[Photo via Instagram]