’60 Minutes’ Lara Logan Hospitalized For Fourth Time Since Her Attack

Lara Logan, CBS correspondent for 60 Minutes, has been hospitalized yet again, this time for internal bleeding. This is the fourth time Logan has been admitted for injuries she sustained as a result of her vicious attack in 2011.

According to Daily Mail, Logan’s close friend, Ed Butowsky revealed, “In spite of everything she’s had to face in the last two years, people have no idea the physical suffering she has been enduring due to the brutal sexual assault she encountered.”

Lara Logan’s life was forever changed on February 11, 2011 as she was doing her job reporting from Cairo on the resignation of President Mubarak. Suddenly, Logan was surrounded by a mob of men, approximately 200-300. These aggressive men grabbed Logan and prevented her work crew from being able to get to her as she screamed for help.

As her colleagues heard men yelling about wanting to take her pants off, the men began ripping off Logan’s clothes as they proceeded to grope and hit her repeatedly, as reported by Daily Mail.

It eventually took a group of women who were fierce enough to fight off the men, as well as over 20 Egyptian soldiers to rescue Logan.

USA Today reported Butowsky’s admiration for Logan’s strength and her courage to keep reporting, even in dangerous places. He said, “Very few people know how stoic and incredibly tough this lady is.”

She has proven her tenacity by her recent visit back to the Middle East, as reported on 60 Minutes last Sunday with her update on the ISIS rampage against Iraqi Christians.

Butowsky revealed to Daily Mail, “She did the story while ISIS was just four to six miles from where she was reporting. She did the story over the last four to six months on location in the face of ISIS all while suffering from the brutal sexual assault she suffered at the hands of evil forces at play during the Arab Spring.”

In addition to the physical issues Logan continues to face, she admitted to NY Daily News that she also suffers from latent post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It manifests itself in different ways. I want to be free of it, but I’m not. It doesn’t go away. It’s not something I keep track of. It’s not predictable like that. But it happens more than I’d like.”

While CBS would not elaborate on Logan’s current condition, they did make a statement per Daily Mail, ‘We were sorry to hear this morning that Lara was readmitted to the hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.”

Photo Credit: CBS

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