9/11 Memorial Suicide Watch For NYPD

The sunken pool design for New York’s 9/11 memorial is meant to demonstrate the space where the towers fell into the ground more than 10 years ago and while the memorial most certainly has signified that meaning to more than 1 million visitors so far the New York Police Department (NYPD) still worried that the two sunken pools could lead to suicides.

Speaking to Esquire Commissioner Raymond Kelly says of potential suicides at the 9/11 memorial:

“We have to think of these possibilities. We’re concerned about the possibility of somebody jumping in. This is what we’re paid to think about.”

NYPD officials are aware that while the memorial may be a welcome point of grieving for family and friends who lost someone during 9/11 it could also be a point of grief so great that some people choose to take their own lives.

Kelly says if a suicide happens:

“We actually have a plan for when [a suicide] happens.”

Speaking about the potential for the memorial to actually push some people over the edge a professor of social work at Columbia told the New York Times:

“The memorial, rather than serving as a source of comfort, can heighten feelings of either ‘This is unjust’ or desires for revenge of some sort. They can feed into those negative feelings that the person is stuck in.”

Do you think more “fail-safes” need to be put into place so people can’t simply leap to their deaths?

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