Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer going free this weekend on Steam

I imagine that just about everyone that would be interested in buying Modern Warfare 3 already has, but on the off chance that you’ve been on the fence all this time, Modern Warfare 3 will be free on Steam this weekend.

Before you get excited over the idea of being able to blast your way through Modern Warfare 3‘s singleplayer campaign over the weekend, this free weekend only applies to the multiplayer–if you want the singleplayer experience, you’ll have to give the game a purchase.

Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any shortage of free content to dive into over the weekend. Modern Warfare 3‘s full suite of multiplayer modes will be at your disposal, so you’ll have ample opportunity to try out a good portion of the modes before the free ride ends on Monday.

As per usual with these Steam free weekends, you’ll be able to pick the game at a discounted price. Throughout the weekend, Modern Warfare 3 has been marked down to $40.19, down from $59.99. The deal ends on Monday, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want to get Modern Warfare 3 on the cheap.