Is Jill Duggar In Labor Yet? ’19 Kids And Counting’ Star Reveals When She Think Her Baby Will Come

Is Jill Duggar in labor yet?

The 19 Kids and Counting star, now known as Mrs. Derick Dillard, just reached her due date with no signs of going into labor, but has dropped a big hint about when she thinks the new Duggar baby will arrive.

Baby Dillard is due on Tuesday (March 24), but Jill Duggar said in an interview with People that she’s “planning on the baby coming late, no big deal—if you have it in your head that way, you won’t get discouraged.”

“When everyone else is asking you, ‘When are you going to have that baby?’ The baby will come when the baby comes,” she says.

Jill Duggar thinks she will actually go a few days past her actual due date — or at least, she appears to be mentally preparing herself for the idea of an extra week of being very, very pregnant.

“I have told myself, ‘First-time moms often go a week and a half over, so didn’t get discouraged,'” she said.

But Jill has the support of husband Derick, who has taken on some extra duties that his wife is no longer capable of.

“He is so sweet,” Jill said. “He’s doing amazing. He gave me a foot massage and painted my nails last night…He asked me what color I wanted, and we decided on pink nails. He picked out a bright pink and he said, ‘Here we go–this will be your labor color.'”

Jill Duggar also caused a bit of a stir this week, when she and husband Derick traveled to Texas, setting off some criticism in social media that the full-term Jill was not staying put. Commenters said it was too risky to be traveling, when she could go into labor at any time.

Jill seemed unfazed, sharing pictures of their Texas trip.

“We had a great time with family on vacation, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a Texas baby. #familyvacation #babydilly #19kids.”

Overall, Jill Duggar seems quite prepared for when she finally does go into labor. She has experience taking care of her many younger siblings, and said she’s studying to be a midwife. Jill told People magazine that it’s “really exciting to be studying this when you’re pregnant. It takes on a whole different light when you are studying about what you are going through.”

For those wondering when Jill Duggar will be in labor, the 19 Kids and Counting star gave her best guess at the baby’s due date — April 5.

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