Joel Betts Stabbing: Reality TV Star Loses Appeal In Murder-Suicide Case After Attacking Former Girlfriend

Joel Betts’ stabbing of his former girlfriend, Samantha Holland, not only failed, but he won’t be getting an appeal on the case. The Australian Reality TV star tried to appeal his 16-year jail sentence for the attempted murder-suicide, saying that the injuries he’d incurred should count toward his sentence.

The court understands that Betts now has a permanent and “embarrassing” bowel condition as a result of the injury, but they claim it was “self-inflicted” and won’t count. His injury allegedly only happened as a result of a crime he’d tried to commit, so he’d allegedly made it happen himself.

This is how the situation allegedly happened.

In 2010, the two had decided to break up and move their things out of the shared apartment at different times.

In 2012, Australian Survivor contestant, Betts, had allegedly met his former girlfriend in his apartment when she came by to move her things out, and stopped her from leaving. Starting to stab her in the back, he allegedly attempted to make a fatalistic deal with her.

“We will die here together, then we can be together for eternity.”

After having received 20 stabs wounds in her back, Samantha Holland decided there was only one way she would survive, and it required calming him down and putting him in a weakened state, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Joel Betts stabbing inspired Holland to reply with her own version of his idea.

“If we are going to do this together, then I should have a turn with the knife.”

Handing her the knife, Joel Betts was surprised. Holland took the knife, allegedly stabbed him in the stomach, and twisted the knife, causing his insides to come out. Betts allegedly praised her saying it was a “good one.” After some struggling, she then allegedly took the opportunity then to escape via the third floor balcony.

The appeals court also allegedly threw out a report by Betts’ psychotherapist claiming that he had been raised in an environment of domestic abuse.

What do you think the sentence should have been for the Joel Betts stabbing?

[Image via Daily Telegraph]

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