College Students Are Informed About Their Lifetime Share In The National Debt – Reactions Are Monumentally Priceless! [Video]

As of the publication of this article, the United States national debt is over $18 trillion dollars and is rising at a tragically monumental pace as shown on the U.S. Debt Clock. It is also recognized the national debt will probably be the factor that hurts most government programs. The Inquisitr reported on such news in which the social security, which is already struggling, may no longer exist in 2015 because of it. That might change to some extent if a man who accidentally became a trillionaire truly does help pay off some of the national debt like he said he would.

No matter the case, it is known that the American people will be the ones who will have to pay off the national debt in some way. Thanks to Campus Reform, they were able to show college students their lifetime share in the national debt and their reactions are priceless!

The revelation was part of the Caleb Bonham Show, which was uploaded onto Campus Reform’s official YouTube channel. In it, Caleb Bonham showed college students (and other people) how much they owed to the national debt in accordance to their birth date. There is a twist in the beginning though. Bonham expressed the the college students’ shares as money given to them for free. In that light, they were more than happy to detail their financial endeavors (Roth IRA, smoking weed, Chipotle). Afterwards, Bonham would state the amount is really their lifetime share of the national debt they would have to pay. Suddenly the college students’ expressions change from euphoria to shock, disappointment, and for some disgust.

IJReview also reported on the video by Campus Reform, expressing interest on what happens when college students are hit with a dose of fiscal reality. Fortunately, Caleb Bonham was able to provide information on how the United States suddenly ended up with so much debt with over 70 percent of it coming from Barack Obama. As a matter of fact, it is said that Obama has spent more under his presidency than all of the other presidents prior to him combined. That is a lot of money that Americans will have to accountable for one day.

If you want to know what your lifetime share in the national debt is, you can check it out on the official government website for the Committee on the Budget. There you’ll enter in your birth date in which a calculated lifetime share will be presented to you. Take note that the younger you are, the higher your lifetime share will be.

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