Thomas Ravenel Talks Harsh Comments About Kathryn Calhoun Dennis

Mary Jane

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is back for a second season of the show, and this politician is learning all about the role of parenting. Thomas learned that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis was pregnant at the end of Season 1, and she gave birth 9 months later. While both Ravenel and Kathryn wanted a child, many felt that this may not have been the right pairing.

Thomas Ravenel stayed with Kathryn during the pregnancy and the birth of little Kensington, but the age gap was clearly something that haunted the couple. When Thomas' Southern Charm co-stars learned of the pregnancy, they shared their honest thoughts on the first episode of the show. And many of the comments were not very nice.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is now sharing that the comments don't sit well with him, even though he is on-and-off with Kathryn. In a clip, Ravenel learned that his co-stars had called Calhoun a hillbilly, white trash, and expressed joy over dodging the bullet of having such a young baby mother.

"I find that unfortunate a bit, because I'm worried about my daughter. In about 10 years, she will be watching this. To be called a hillbilly femme fatale, white trash, whatever - I don't like that," Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel told Andy Cohen after learning how his co-stars felt about him becoming a father.

It is interesting that Thomas didn't defend Kathryn. Instead, Ravenel focused on his daughter, saying that Kensington would be watching the show one day, and would have to hear what other people felt about her mother. Clearly, that doesn't sit well with Thomas Ravenel. But oddly enough, he doesn't defend Calhoun by denying the truth behind those comments.

Thomas Ravenel has revealed that he absolutely loves fatherhood, and he enjoys being a father to his daughter. Ravenel has previously said that becoming a father completely changed him as a person. But having a child was not enough to keep his relationship afloat. According to the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel recently announced that he had indeed split from Kathryn, as the age difference between them was simply too much. But he did hint that they were back together. Only time will tell whether this relationship will last.

Previews for this current season of Southern Charm could reveal that troubles were brewing long before the split actually happened a few weeks back.

What do you think about Thomas Ravenel's comments about people being harsh in regards to Kathryn? Are you surprised he didn't defend her?

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