'General Hospital' Thursday Spoilers: Trina Rants About Jordan

Trina Robinson is still mourning her father's death. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during the episode airing on Thursday, she will make it clear she still harbors a lot of resentment toward Jordan Ashford for what has happened these past few months.

The preview posted on Twitter shares a snippet of Trina's upcoming outburst. She will be talking with her mother Portia, and somehow the conversation turns to Jordan.

Trina will say that she doesn't trust anything having to do with Jordan. Given all that has happened, Trina's sentiment isn't surprising. Portia looks like she is remaining calm, cool, and collected as her daughter says this, but she may try to defend Jordan to a degree after Trina finishes.

Viewers know that Jordan lied about what Taggert and their other two team members had done to frame Cyrus. Taggert and the men did what Jordan alleged, but she covered up her own role in the scheme. She was under pressure from Cyrus to get him released from Pentonville, and she did what she had to do to save her son TJ.

Trina doesn't know much of this, only that Jordan has accused Taggert of being a dirty cop now that he can't defend himself. Fans still have a hunch that Taggert is alive, though, and that Jordan knows this.

It's always seemed rather murky in terms of how much Portia knows. She said enough in conversations with Curtis and Jordan to demonstrate that Taggert confided a lot in her.

It seems that Portia may know more about everything that went down back then than she has let on. Whether she knows the truth about this situation or not, it looks like she'll stick with what's been laid out.

This upcoming rant may not be all that important on its own. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that it's one piece of a puzzle that will soon become a dominant storyline. According to SheKnows Soaps, Cyrus is going to take an intense interest in Portia and Trina soon. Curtis will be stepping up and doing his best to protect them from the mobster.

Fans have a hunch that it will eventually be revealed that Portia lied about Taggert being Trina's biological father instead of Curtis. In addition, there's been speculation that Curtis and Portia could grow close again, causing issues in his marriage to Jordan.

Granted, the big bombshell that could come as this develops is the revelation that Taggert is still alive. Fans already suspected this would be the case, and then Jordan made that mysterious phone call right before telling the tale about Taggert and the others framing Cyrus.

The sneak peek for Thursday seems to suggest that viewers may soon learn more about this. Sonny will tell Curtis that a plan is in motion, which is surely about taking down Cyrus. In addition, Mac and Jordan will discuss a theory he has, which is probably about TJ's kidnapping.

Those conversations may not directly tie to Taggert, but ultimately, it's all connected. Fans have speculated about who else may know that Taggert is still alive if indeed he is. It wouldn't be a shocker for Sonny to have been in on this, and if Jordan knows, then Curtis probably does too.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Trina will be central to much of what's ahead with this, and fans are thrilled to see that there's more involving her on the way.