10-Year-Old Kentucky Boy Who Beat Cancer, Tragically Hit And Killed By School Bus

A 10-year-old boy from Kentucky was hit and killed on Monday afternoon in a tragic accident where his school bus ran over him. The boy, identified as Jonathan A. Chatham, had already beaten cancer in his short life, and the horrific incident happened in front of numerous family members.

According to WKYT, Kentucky State Police are investigating the accident to try and figure out exactly how it happened. Kentucky State Police Trooper Lloyd Cochran said that Chatham was pronounced dead on the scene.

“For the most part here, we’re dealing with a horrible accident. Just a serious and bad tragedy for everyone involved,” said Officer Steven Douglas.

The Whitley County School System 1999 International school bus was being driven by 33-year-old Amanda Woliver, and she stopped to let four students off of the bus. She dropped them off at the stop, and then began to drive away when she struck Chatham somehow.

No charges have been filed as of Monday night, per Lex 18. The police have stated that there is no suspicion of drug or alcohol use from Woliver.

Highway 779 and some surrounding roads in Whitley County, Kentucky, were going to be closed throughout most of the evening. Police were going to attempt to recreate the accident to try and figure out exactly how it may have happened.

Some reports state that as the boy got off of the school bus, he went into a ditch area on the side of the road and was clear of it. As the bus took off, he may have darted back out and gotten caught underneath the wheels.

Karla Lambin lives near the bus stop where the accident happened and knows that Chatham gets off the bus every single day.

“You can live your whole life and nothing like this happens and then all of a sudden it happens and you think it’s not going to happen in this community it’s not going to happen to us. And it has.”

In addition to witnesses who were outside at the time of the accident, the police have stated that one or both of Jonathan A. Chatham’s parents were outside as well and saw him get hit. About 20 other children were on the bus at the time and went to their homes afterward.

A public post was made online by the boy’s grandmother, and she reports not only about the accident, but that Jonathan Chatham had also already beaten cancer. The family could not be reached for further comment.

kentucky school bus accident jonathan chatham

The story of the Kentucky school bus crash that took the life of 10-year-old Jonathan Chatham is still developing. Obviously, it is a tragic accident and has shaken the lives of everyone involved and all those that knew him.

[Image via WKYT]

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