Are Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Better Than Ever? Kendra Kicks Hank Out Of Her Gym, Demands New Diamond Ring After Cheating Scandal

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are reportedly doing better ever since a cheating scandal nearly ruined their marriage. But, according to several reports, Kendra has kicked Hank out of her gym and is demanding a new diamond ring. It has fans now wondering what’s going on with Kendra and Hank’s marriage.

There’s nothing to worry about, apparently. Reality TV Magazine reported that Wilkinson is happier than ever these days. The reality star has been spending a lot more time at the gym lately, but that doesn’t mean she wants Baskett around. Wilkinson doesn’t feel comfortable working out with her husband around her.

An insider spoke to OK! Magazine about Kendra’s decision to kick Hank out of her gym, saying, “She needs alone time and her favorite place is the gym because she loves when guys check her out. Back in the day, they would have worked out together… Now it’s her rules – her gym.”

Wilkinson is also loving the attention on Instagram. The Kendra on Top star has been posting about her progress on the photo sharing app. Both her fans and Baskett has been commenting on her “lean and mean” body.

Kendra isn’t just demanding that Hank stays away from the gym, she’s also demanding that he gets her a new diamond ring soon. Radar Online reported that she wants him to buy her a new ring after he allegedly cheated on her with model Ava Sabrina London in 2014. Kendra reportedly threw her wedding ring down the toilet after she found out about Hank’s shocking cheating revelation. She had every right to be upset with her husband.

Another source close to Wilkinson is revealing that she wants a new ring in exchange for her old one.

“Kendra wanted a new ring and she made Hank buy it for her. Kendra is committed to making the relationship work and so she wanted to wear a big ring that would send a signal to everyone that she’s married and is staying married.

“She wanted something new and sparkly and she got what she wanted.”

Wilkinson obviously wants everyone to know that she’s still married to Hank Baskett. E! Online reported that the couple is working on their marriage.

Kendra told In Touch magazine, “We’re working on it minute-to-minute, every day. I believe we’re on the road to being better than ever. Sometimes you need a shake-up to get to a place you’ve never been before.”

Hank also talked about their troubled marriage. He agrees that he and Kendra are doing better than ever.

“Right now, we’re in a great place. I wish that when I was starting to feel depressed, [I’d been] able to communicate instead of trying to be strong and take out the world myself.”

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are also rumored to renew their vows sometime soon. Maybe Kendra’s new ring had to do with a vow renewal ceremony like the news site hinted about.

[Image: Angela Weiss/Getty Images]