UFOs — And Pursuit That Followed — Leaves Picnicking Family ‘Gobsmacked’ In Lancashire, England

A British family, out for a pleasant afternoon picnic, were left rubbing their eyes and pushing their picnic pleasantries aside when a wild and unexplainable UFO scene unfolded in the sky above. In fact, the mother in the family was so shocked by the picnic UFO episode that she was left “gobsmacked.”

This latest UFO event to occur in the general area of Lancashire, England, joins a long list of others, but this UFO sighting especially stands out because it also included an aerial pursuit and a British Ministry of Defense helicopter.

According to the Mirror, the Finney family, of Bolton, Lancashire, England were enjoying some spring barbecue when four UFOs went “zooming across the sky.”

As if that wasn’t eye-popping enough, the family then claims a British Military of Defence helicopter headed off after the UFOs in hot pursuit.

The Finneys — mother Andrea, father Nigel, and their son — had apparently never seen anything like their picnic UFO spectacle. Their excitement following the UFO event, as described to the Mirror, was quite palpable.

“There were four of them, and they zoomed across the sky – You had to be there to see it! It was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life,” said Andrea, a 48-year-old property management professional. “They zoomed off after we spotted them, and the craziest thing was that they were then followed by a Ministry of Defence helicopter!”

Andrea concludes her description of the amazing UFO and British Ministry of Defence helicopter pursuit by searching for the perfect word that means surprised, shocked, astonished, astounded, and all other related words of amazement rolled into one.

“I was just gobsmacked!” said Andrea, the descriptive and freshly British term seeming perfectly suitable for the UFO scene she had just witnessed.

So often, excitement and an amazing story is all one has to offer after a UFO sighting or some other paranormal experience. Fortunately, the Finneys brought along a camera to what turned out to be their UFO picnic. Nigel scrambled to get it as soon as the UFOs showed up in the sky, snapping away at the unidentified flying objects.

“I took photos as quick as I could,” explained Nigel. “Our camera does not have a good zoom on it or anything. It is just a normal camera, so we took what we could but afterwards we could not explain it. It’s a mystery.”

The Finney’s incredible UFO story joins many others that have reportedly taken place in the Lancashire area, with “numerous UFO sightings” throughout 2009.

A crowd of 80 people was also “left stunned” after witnessing a UFO in 2014, and the list of Lancashire area UFO experiences goes on.

“We could not explain it,” concludes Nigel Finney. “(The UFOs) were not hot air balloons. They were not Chinese lanterns. They were just something else.”

[Image by Nigel Finney via The Mirror]

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