CNN Ted Cruz Video Points To Mysterious Object

The video that accompanies CNN‘s reporting of the Ted Cruz announcement for president today at Liberty University has an edit that points to a mysterious object, apparently located under Cruz’s suit jacket, and the text over the picture reads, “(This is what sometimes happens when you don’t use a podium).” Cruz was standing on an open stage giving his announcement speech without a podium, and was equipped with a wireless microphone that was attached to his right ear. The alleged mysterious device is probably the electronic device that communicates with equipment in the arena he’s speaking in to broadcast his speech. At about one minute into the CNN video of Ted Cruz’s announcement, the reference to the mysterious object and the text appears.

The reference to the mysterious object in CNN‘s Ted Cruz video is the only reference; nothing in the text of the news story mentions that Ted Cruz was equipped with a wireless microphone or any alleged mysterious object. The video does clearly show a wireless microphone clipped on the back of Cruz’s right ear.

This instance of editing the Ted Cruz video to point to the mysterious object is not the first time CNN has conducted some strange reporting about Ted Cruz. Last week, CNN highlighted a phrase with bold graphics in its reporting of Ted Cruz in New Hampshire making a statement about how the political world in our country is broken by saying “the world is on fire.” CNN reported the story as if a 3-year old child in the audience was scared by Cruz saying the world is on fire. CNN later had to correct the story after the child’s mom appeared on The Kuhner Report on WRKO out of Boston to refute the story.

The “world on fire” story about Ted Cruz was also reported by the Inquisitr last week as well. The story also includes a video from the 3-year old girl replying to the comments by Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz did some pretty quick thinking on his feet on Sunday during a stump speech in Barrington, New Hampshire, when Cruz began using fiery metaphors while criticizing Obamacare — rhetoric that caught the ear of a 3-year-old girl and made her look away from her game on her mother’s phone, taking the talk a little too literally,” the Inquisitr reported.

The reference to the mysterious object in CNN‘s Ted Cruz video raise questions about the purpose of editing a video to reference it and what the objective of that is in CNN‘s reporting on Ted Cruz’s announcement of his candidacy for president. Clearly the mysterious object is electronic equipment for the wireless microphone he used to deliver the speech. Why is that something to raise curiosity about, by editing the video, for reporting on Ted Cruz since the mysterious object referenced in the edited video no different than what other candidates would use with a wireless microphone to deliver such a speech?

Picture of Ted Cruz and the mysterious object from the CNN video.