‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rebecca Budig Arrives To Shake Things Up Between Jake And Liz

There’s a new character hitting Port Charles this week on General Hospital, and she is definitely going to rattle people. Rebecca Budig has just been added to the mix and viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out. What General Hospital spoilers are available for the week of March 23?

She Knows Soaps shares that Jake will definitely be shaken by a visitor, said to be Budig in the role of Bailey. General Hospital spoilers have teased that it seems Ric will have hired Bailey to pretend she is Jake’s wife. Because Jake still doesn’t have any memories of actually being Jason Morgan, he’s not exactly in a position to deny Bailey’s claims.

Additional GH spoilers indicate that Michael and Ned will be feeling anxious about a possible ELQ takeover, while Maxie is not happy with what Nathan has been doing. Apparently, Spinelli will keep fighting for Maxie, and she’s definitely facing a difficult decision. Silas hears a request from Ava while Liz isn’t too sure she’s buying this mysterious return of Jake’s “wife.”

As the week continues, Sam will hear a proposition from Patrick, but the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page indicates that she may not feel quite right about it. She’ll also be thinking a lot about Jake and it seems Jake and Danny will have a sweet moment together.

Viewers will see a bit of Olivia, and it seems she’s not too sure about the decisions she’s made to try to keep Julian from knowing he’s the father of her baby. Other General Hospital spoilers indicate that Morgan and Kiki will put their plan regarding Michael into play this week as well.

Also ahead will be plenty of time spent on the Luke story. Viewers have now met his niece, and his sister Pat is coming into the picture soon. General Hospital spoilers note that Luke is pushing hard to get answers no matter what it takes while Lulu and Dante are on the hunt to find him.

Some big secrets regarding the Spencer family are set to be revealed late in the week. Will these big reveals finally provide answers regarding the months of Luke shenanigans? GH fans are anxious to get some resolution here and see what lies ahead beyond these big secrets.

Viewers will also see developments for both Nina and Franco and there will be progress with the character of Jordan as well. What are Nina and Franco up to, and will their plans succeed? Alexis has an announcement regarding Nina coming and there are said to be tense moments ahead.

Will Ric’s plan to get Jake away from Liz by using Bailey succeed? Just what are the big Spencer secrets that are finally going to be revealed? Tune in to General Hospital airing on ABC weekdays to see just what happens next.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]