‘Brilliant’ Burglar Used Victim’s Netflix Account

An alleged burglar was recently arrested by police in Mariposa County, California, after he made an incredibly careless move. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that Bobby Alexander broke into a woman’s home earlier this month, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of electronics. However, he would have probably gotten away with the crime had he not used one of those devices without reformatting it. At the least, he would have been wise to not sign in to his alleged victim’s accounts.

Breitbart News shares that Alexander had stolen a 65-inch smart TV along with a Blu-Ray player, laptop computer and a surround sound speaker system. In other words, he took pretty much every means of entertainment the unidentified female victim possessed. The victim was obviously left devastated after her home was burglarized and her privacy grossly violated, but she was given an entertaining bit of justice when she noticed that someone else had been signing into her Netflix account.

Both her smart TV and her Blu-Ray player were reportedly synchronized with her Netflix account, so she was immediately certain that whoever was using her account had her television and other stolen electronics. She promptly called the police and reported to them the suspicious clue she had stumbled upon so serendipitously. It wasn’t long before police had tracked down the culprit who was streaming from the victim’s Netflix account.

Bobby Alexander had been allegedly streaming from the woman’s Netflix account using her stolen smart TV, not even thinking to sign out of the account to make his own. He also used Wi-Fi to stream it, making it even easier for police to track him. It’s fortunate that Netflix was able to get the information from his internet service provider in a rather brief theft investigation. The not-so-brilliant burglar has been charged with burglary and is being held on $75,000 bail.

Bobby isn’t the only person to allegedly make hilariously careless mistakes while committing burglaries and other crimes. Geekologie reported in 2014 that Nicholas Wig broke into a man’s home and stole several of his items. However, while he was stealing from the homeowner he decided to take a quick break to check his Facebook account with his alleged victim’s computer. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to be a burglar apparently, because Wig reportedly left his Facebook account actively signed-in on the homeowner’s computer. As you can imagine, it wasn’t very hard at all for police to track him down and arrest him.

[Photo: Mariposa County Police mugshot via Breitbart]