Kate Gosselin Allegedly Used Her Oldest Daughters To Spy On Jon

The drama between Kate Gosselin and her ex, Jon, never takes a break. Accusations have been made in court papers by Jon Gosselin that his ex-wife is unfit to mother their eight children. He claims she’s given them moldy food, hit them, and more. According to a new report by Radaronline, Kate has allegedly used her two oldest daughters to spy on their dad during visits with him.

A similar allegation was reported in 2014, as Inquisitr covered. At the time, Gosselin supposedly had the nanny do some spy work on her behalf by having her listen in on phone conversations between the kids and Jon.

Court documents in this latest report indicate that the allegations were from court papers dated back in October 2010. Jon accused Kate of buying cell phones for their twin daughters, Mady and Cara, so they would spy on him and fill mom in on his activities. The two girls were 10-years-old at the time.

Jon’s attorneys wrote in the legal papers that cell phones weren’t appropriate for visits with their dad.

“Father has told Mother that he does not want the girls bringing their cell phones with them during his custodial time as the girls are constantly texting Mother to ‘report’ on what Father is doing.”

On top of that, Jon felt the girls were too young for cell phones. His attorneys further stated that he had a phone their children was free to use if they wanted to speak with their mom. Bringing their own cell phones was futile.

The Christian Post cites past accusations that Jon made of his ex concerning child abuse. He claims Kate Gosselin used to lock the children in their rooms and refused to let them out even to go to the bathroom. He alleges that she had the doors only unlock from the outside. Jon said Kate had tossed out gifts, toys, photos, and stuffed animals that their father had given to them. The children supposedly responded to their fear by hiding their things so they wouldn’t get thrown out.

Kate has vented her frustrations on Twitter about Jon Gosselin’s public accusations. She says he continues to rehash details that were dismissed during their custody battle five years ago.

Very few things between Jon and Kate are civil and their stories rarely change. The only difference might be that they get worse.

Would Kate Gosselin use her daughters to spy on their dad? More claims in this situation are sure to be exposed in their ongoing saga.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]