WWE News: Brock Lesnar’s WWE Contract Situation A Hot Topic Within WWE Today?

After Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract situation came out a few months ago, the WWE Universe has continued to analyze it and tried to predict where he will end up in April. Lesnar will either sign a new contract with WWE, or leave for the UFC. The MMA fans are already talking about a rematch with Frank Mir, so that isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

The last update on Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract status was a few weeks ago. On the Inquisitr, Triple H is reportedly pulling for Lesnar to retain the WWE championship, which would mean a new contract would have to be signed. The WWE is attempting to sign Lesnar today at WWE Raw.

It’s not only a big story around the WWE Universe, but Brock Lesnar’s contract is a big story around WWE today, according to Ringside News.

“One of the hot topics among the WWE talents at this weekend’s live events on the West Coast was the contract status of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, according to PWInsider.”

“Everyone realizes that we’re to a point where Lesnar has to signer with a new deal or inform WWE he’s done after this coming weekend. Lesnar’s camp is reportedly “playing their cards close to the vest.”

Trying to keep Brock Lesnar’s situation with WWE a secret is not an easy task. The minute something happens today, or even in the next week, the WWE Universe will find out. Perhaps, it’s better to surprise the WWE audience, quite like they did with CM Punk’s contract status in 2011.

Nobody knew confidently that Punk would re-sign with the company. Part of the reason nobody knew is because Punk signed a contract extension that night in Chicago, Illinois. If the WWE were to secure Lesnar for the next few years on the night of WrestleMania, it would come as a giant surprise to the WWE fans. With kayfabe dying, nothing is secretive anymore. There are a few surprises each year, but the Internet is starting to limit those.

Brock Lesnar is vital to the WWE, because he defines the word, “star-power.” His latest run in WWE nearly didn’t happen after he almost quit in 2012. The WWE would be significantly different without Lesnar in the last few years. The Undertaker’s streak may still be perfect. His feud with Triple H and CM Punk wouldn’t have happened.

There would be a chance that Paul Heyman wouldn’t have stayed around for as long and he did. Heyman is still around solely because of Lesnar. Today will be a big day in WWE history, because Lesnar’s status will dictate the next few years in WWE. The entire WWE Universe is in Lesnar’s hands. It’s only a matter of time before we finally get an answer on his WWE status.

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