Is Katie Maloney Engaged To Tom Schwartz?

Is Katie Maloney engaged? On the latest season of Vanderpump Rules, fans watched as Maloney gave her boyfriend, Tom Schwartz, a deadline to propose. Now, with that deadline behind them, she’s revealed whether or not he popped the question.

In an interview with Pursuitist on March 23, Katie Maloney set the record straight regarding her and Schwartz’s current relationship status.

“I will say this, no, we’re not [engaged].”

During Vanderpump Rules Season 4, Katie Maloney made it clear to Schwartz that she wanted to get married, and that she was expecting a proposal pronto. She was also seen growing extremely distraught after Schwartz presented her with a ring on a string at the wedding of their co-stars, Mike Shay and Scheana Marie.

During the episode, Katie Maloney explained she had told Schwartz never to give her a ring unless it was an engagement ring. So, when he didn’t listen to her request, she was understandable disappointed.

Now, Katie Maloney admits she may have jumped the gun, when it came to pressuring Schwartz to propose to her within six months from their chat.

“When I initially gave that ultimatum I wasn’t really thinking in terms of how long six months is and how fast that goes by. We’re still trying to work on our relationship, and coming out of what we went through, we’re still trying to work through things. I was a little impulsive with my decision. [But] I have really put the heat on him and he knows it. I’m confident I won’t have to wait much longer.”

Instead of pushing Schwartz to propose to her within a designated amount of time, Katie Maloney has now decided to let things happen naturally.

“I don’t want to force him. I know he wants to – we’re both almost about ready, so not giving him an expiration date is best.”

Also in her interview with Pursuitist, Katie Maloney revealed she was not expecting. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Katie Maloney was rumored to be pregnant after she appeared on Watch What Happens Live in February, alongside Tom Schwartz, wearing a loose-fitting maroon dress.

After being questioned about the idea on social media, Katie Maloney took to Twitter, where she confirmed she and Schwartz were not expecting a baby.

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